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Our Tubular Heaters Are A Must Have

When the weather gets colder, our tubular heaters prove themselves as an effective and cheap way to heat a home.

It’s that time of year again, when families are in constant disagreement with each other and moods fluctuate as much as the temperature. Yes, we’re talking about the annual fight about when the central heating can be switched on. There’s always someone who insists that the weather is still mild enough to forego the heating, while another person in the household is desperate for a little more warmth. Well, there is a solution for those families who just can’t settle that argument. Tubular heaters are a cost effective, powerful way to heat individual rooms, and we have plenty of customers who swear by them at this time of year.

Our heaters

We’ve been working and developing innovative heating products since the early 20th century, and our tubular heaters have by far been our biggest success story. We’ve seen their popularity grow in recent times, showing that sometimes the oldest ideas are the best ones! With families keen to keep a close eye on their finances, buying a tube heater will help them to cut down on heating costs in the long run. As well as reducing the cost of heating your home though, it will greatly reduce any disagreements you may have with your family members too!

It will please everyone

A tubular heater will only heat the room it’s placed in, delivering warmth that’s powerful but very specific. Heating individual rooms rather than the whole house is a great way to avoid arguments. For example, a teenager can keep their room toasty and warm, while their parents can enjoy the cooler temperature until they’re ready to turn the heating on. Or maybe you’re finding that your conservatory is getting a little too cold at night, while the rest of your home is fine? Whatever the dilemma, one of our heaters will help.

Condensation? No problem!

If you struggle with condensation in your home during the colder months, especially in the bedrooms, then a tubular heater could be the answer to your prayers. Running a tubular heater is one of the most effective ways of reducing condensation. We all know that having the central heating on at night can make sleeping a little uncomfortable, but a tubular heater will keep the temperature at a manageable level as well as reducing moisture in the air. That’s one of the things that makes our tubular heaters so popular with our customers. You simply can’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep, after all! As well as bedrooms, they’re also great for heating up spaces like airing cupboards. Damp washing is another big contributor to condensation, but with one of our heaters you can dry it without needing to open the windows and let the cold air in, or turning up the central heating.

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With so much experience of supplying tubular heaters to people, we’re the perfect team to help you address your heating needs this autumn. Our heaters are always popular during this particular season, and looking at what we’ve just told you it’s not hard to see why! Why not get in touch then, and see how we can can help you to keep warm, condensation-free and a little better off financially this year?

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