The Most Beneficial Locations Tube Heaters Can Be Fitted

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Versatile, compact and cheap to run heating suitable for various applications

Electric tubular heaters provide an ideal solution in situations where background heating is required, and this can be the case in various locations.

In certain circumstances it would be either too expensive or otherwise impractical to run central heating or other forms of pricier heat options such as convection types or oil filled radiators. This is when inexpensive tubular heating can help – running costs that start at less than a penny per hour.

When background heat is needed

In the interests of comfort, preserving goods and equipment, background heat is often required, and due to their compact size and inexpensive running costs tube heaters fulfil this role perfectly.

Sometimes a room or space just needs enough background heat to ward off frost, or enough heat to make it bearable to ‘pass through’. Add extra heat via central heating systems – or select a more expensive to run electric or bottled gas heaters if required.

Where might tubular heaters be effective?

Conservatories – keeping the chill off even on some summer evenings can be achieved with a bank of tubular heaters on the basis that some conservatories don’t have any heating if they’re not used in the colder months.

Large cupboards – tubular heaters are ideal in bigger cupboards including the walk-in type as they provide enough background heat to ensure items won’t be damaged by excessive temperature drops.

Their compact size won’t impact too much on storage space.

Kennels – when some heat is required to keep outdoor pets comfortable in colder conditions, tubular heaters offer a good option.

They can be fitted with guards so the pet won’t scald itself if coming into contact with the tube itself.

Seldom used spaces and rooms – you may have a room or two not used much but requiring some background heat to keep frost away. Tubular heating can provide enough heat to keep temperatures above freezing without the need to use the radiator (assuming the room is served by the central heating).

Loft conversions – you may have a loft conversion not reached by central heating so some tubular heating can keep the area from becoming too cold.

Greenhouses – tubular heaters can be used outdoors; they can withstand a degree of exposure to water and moisture along with dust and additional particle matter. They’re IP54 rated – an official system that grades electrical equipment by its ability to resist particle and moisture ingress. An IP54 rating means the tubular heaters can resist water splashes and are near the top of the rating system for dust and particle resistance.

They can also be specified with timers and thermostats suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor buildings – an office in an outbuilding can benefit from tube heating to add background and stop frost with the option to use extra heating such as electric radiators, or gas bottles when occupied or if more heat is needed.

The same applies to a garage conversion that may not have its own heating supply.

Tubular heating options

The heaters and the available accessories make it easy to tailor a tubular heating set up to suit the location – or locations – concerned.

The heaters themselves range in size from one to six feet long and are available in power outputs from 60 to 360w (the longer the heater the more powerful it is).

They can be specified in hard wired format for direct connection to mains electricity or in three pin plug form.

There are various accessories – touched on earlier – including brackets to mount them on, and various timers and thermostats to control at what temperatures and times the heaters should operate.


Some locations where tubular heaters can prove beneficial due to their compact size and cheap running costs. Includes conservatories, kennels and large cupboards.



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