The Benefits of Choosing a Tubular Heater

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Saving money by only using the exact amount of heating you require

With energy prices only ever likely to increase, many householders and business owners look for more economical and flexible ways to provide the heat needed without spending unnecessarily on energy bills.

Tubular heating – a flexible and very low-cost option – is a way of providing heat without costing the earth.

The main benefits:


It’s possible to run tubular heating for mere pennies; indeed, a basic 60w heater costs less than a penny to run for an hour.

This is ideal when background heat is sought as it’s far more economical than running an electric heater such as an oil filled radiator, or using the central heating if all that’s required is to keep a room frost free, stave off condensation, or provide background heat for a conservatory.


It’s possible to use one tubular heater or several in one location depending on how large the area to be heated is.

If more heaters are required, they can be easily sited thanks to brackets available as accessories to achieve a tidy and practical installation.

Also, it’s not necessary to have all the heaters on at the same time; amounts can be varied depending on how much heat is needed so ensuring that the energy required is being used, therefore preventing waste.

Timers and thermostatic controls can be specified as accessories to enable more flexibility in terms of when the heaters switch on and off and at what temperature; for example, they can be set only to come on when there’s a frost risk.

Various configurations available

Linking to flexible use above, tubular heaters are available in various guises from one-foot long 60w models to six feet long 360w versions and can be either hard wired into the mains or plugged in via standard three pin sockets.

Flexible locations

Tubular heaters can be found in various places ranging from a small box room, a kennel, large cupboard, a conservatory, outbuilding or greenhouse.

The heaters can be used outdoors or in harsher locations as they’re IP54 rated – the official measure of how an electrical appliance can cope with water and particle ingress. An IP54 rating puts a tubular heater high on the scale of resisting particulates and water ingress, so using them in greenhouses for instance presents no problem.

Location flexibility is enhanced with the availability of accessories such as timers and thermostat controls designed specifically for outdoor use.

Also, if used in areas where pets or maybe young children are present, guards can be specified as an accessory to prevent them coming into direct contact with the heater.

Complementing existing heating

Tubular heaters are primarily used for background heat, so make an ideal companion or substitute for central heating or more expensive electric heaters such as convection types and radiators.

For example, to keep a conservatory from becoming too chilly when not in use or to prevent frost, then tubular heating can be deployed. If the space is to be occupied, then the more expensive electric heaters or central heating (if supplying the conservatory) can be used.

The same can apply in other areas; why turn on the radiator to heat a box room when cheap tubular heating can keep the chill off for mere pennies?

Saving money and resources

Along with saving on energy costs, tubular heaters play their part in helping people ‘do their bit’ for the environment by way of not using energy unnecessarily; this saves on CO2 emissions in the case of some central heating systems and makes for a general reduction in energy wasted.


The benefits of choosing tubular heaters; how they save on energy costs, ensure heat is only used when needed, offer flexible usages and save on resources.


Are tubular heaters safe around children?

If you are thinking of investing in a tubular heater but are worried about their safety around children, then worry not, we can supply tubular heater guards to help prevent tiny hands touching your tubular heater.

With tubular heaters reaching temperatures of up to 120c, we recommend investing in a safety guard if it will be in reach of children or frail adults. Our safety guards are specifically designed to be compatible with tubular heaters, so they can fit round and protect them perfectly.

Our guards are available in both white and cream to suit your home perfectly.

Tubular heaters are really affordable to run so you don’t have to worry about expensive energy bills when running them. It costs as little as half a penny an hour to run a tubular heater, a fraction of the price it costs to run an oil filled radiator or halogen heater which can be as much as 30p an hour.

This makes them the ideal solution for providing heat to an area for long periods without running up an expensive energy bill, making them ideal for rooms, loft conversions, sheds, garages, greenhouses and much more.

It is possible to programme a tubular heater by investing in one of our thermostats, just like regular household thermostats, you can control the temperature and when the heater is activated so it can warm up a room before you need to use it or keep your greenhouse at an ambient temperature during those frosty mornings. One of thermostats even has a frost control option to active when the temperature drops below a certain temperature.

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