Don’t Turn The Radiators On Yet, Use Cheap Electric Heaters Instead

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spring frostWhy You Need To Reduce Usage Of Your Central Heating This Autumn

Do you turn on the central heating the minute there’s a slight chill in the air? We all like our homes to be cosy, but electric heaters offer an affordable alternative.

The UK may have seen some record-breaking temperatures this summer, but the season will shortly be coming to an end. Many parts of the country have now experienced periods of downpours and the nights are starting to draw in, with some overnight frosts appearing. Unbelievable as it may seem, winter is coming! Or autumn at least. September is the month traditionally where some residents choose to start turning on their heating at home. But whilst this may warm a few chilly hands and feet, relying on your radiators so early in the season comes at a cost – both to your health as well as your wallet.

The Problem With Central Heating

Staying warm is an essential part of remaining healthy throughout the winter, which is why there is natural concern for those elderly and vulnerable members of society who may not be able to afford adequate amounts of heating. However, the overuse of central heating can create some health problems of its own. This type of heat is extremely drying, which can cause your eyes to become irritable, while dehydrating your entire body. Additionally, if you have the radiators on in just the main rooms of the house that you use – the living room, and your bedroom for example – this can cause an extreme difference in room temperatures as you move around the home. This shift from hot to cold can pose a problem to those with high blood pressure or cardiac illness.

The other major downside, which is well reported by the media, is the cost of central heating which typically goes up and up each winter. The Guardian has recently reported that the gap between fuel prices and what people can afford to pay has worsened by a further 9% in 2018.

Electric Heaters A Versatile Solution

Luckily, your health and your wallet can both be protected with the use of electric tube heaters. These devices radiate a constant low-level heat at around 150W per foot. The heat that is emitted is steady, and you can control the device with a thermostat. If the room temperature dips below your desired range, then the electric heater will flick on and begin to heat the room up. They’re extremely economical so you can have them installed in several rooms of your house without damaging your pocket.

As they plug in at the wall, they’re easy to install so you could have these tube heaters working their magic on your bedrooms in the early evenings before you go to sleep, whilst using one in the living room for most of the day.

Added Safety

A heater guard attaches to the front of the device to reduce the change of anyone becoming hurt if they were to brush past. This is a great feature to use if you’re using these heaters in a household with children, elderly people or pets.

If you’re already worried about paying for your heating this winter, then look into installing affordable electric heaters into the rooms you use the most.

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