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Fed Up With Rising Fuel Costs? Consider Tubular Heaters

Central heating costs are soaring in the UK. If you live in a small home, then tubular heating is a more affordable and efficient solution for your needs.

The average household in the UK spends £609 per year on gas central heating, according to Which. Gas is the most widely used and efficient heating fuel which is available to homeowners or tenants. However, it is certainly costly, and the winter fuel allowance which will allow you to receive between £100-300 towards heating bills, is only available to those who were born before 5th May 1953. For the rest of us, there is a fantastic alternative available in the form of tubular heating.

What Is Tubular Heating?

Often wall-mounted, tubular heaters are a low wattage and efficient way to heat up a small area of space. With an average output of 150W per foot, they are an ideal way of providing heat at an exceptionally low cost. In fact, they can cost as little as half a pence, per hour of heat, depending on the type of energy charge used. They also offer exceptionally quick heat-up times, meaning you won’t need to wait long before the temperature starts to rise in your small living space.

Prevent Mould and Damp

Tubular heating is often used to provide a background heat in areas that are typically quite damp and humid. If you live in a small rental apartment that has problems with these issues, then installing tubular heating near to the windows or walls can help with de-misting and preventing mould and damp from taking hold in your home. Other areas of the home where tubular heating might be useful include greenhouses, garage spaces, airing cupboards or behind fridges and freezers where it becomes too cold for these appliances to operate normally.

Cost of Central Heating

If you live in a larger space, then central heating is likely to be a much more appropriate option for your heating needs. However, if your property is not yet kitted out with a central heating system, unfortunately this can be a costly business. Depending on the size of your house, then it might easily cost between £3000-4000 to install central heating throughout your home. This would cover the supply and installation of a gas boiler, radiator parts, pipework and of course the manual labour time estimated to complete the job. The expense will rise further if the property has not yet been connected to a gas supply.

Of course, in many scenarios, this cost may be an investment for your property. However, if you live in a small apartment, or studio flat, then this may not be worth spending your finances on. Equally, if you are only planning on living in your cosy home for a short period of time, then tubular heating could be a much more convenient and affordable solution for you.


Tubular heating is designed with safety and reliability in mind. Secure guards are available as an accessory to protect you from the direct heat source. The heaters don’t dry the air out as much as central heating does either, which is great for those who experience allergies such as eczema or asthma which can be exacerbated by the overuse of central heating during the winter months.

If you’re not sure whether tubular heating is an appropriate solution for your living situation, then why not try it out? Priced from as little as £16.34 for a basic model, you can easily trial one out in your home today.

How much cheaper are Tubular Heaters to run?

Tubular heaters can be much cheaper to run than conventional electric heaters or central heating. For example, a gas boiler can cost 91p an hour to run, which can build up a lot across the day. The average UK home dual tariff is £1,254 per year and many homes add to this with electrical space heaters during particularly cold months spending an average of £550 a year on space heaters.

An electrical space heater such as an oil-filled radiator or halogen heater can cost around 30p an hour to run, while Tubular heaters can cost as little as half a penny an hour, meaning you could be paying as little as 12p to run it 24 hours a day.

The short answer is yes, tubular heaters are very safe to run, for however long you need them. They are designed to be fixed to the wall so out of the way and less likely to be bumped into and can also come with a fitted tubular heater guards to prevent touching. The tubular heater guard is designed with an open weave grid to allow heat to continue to flow out effectively to keep the area warm.

It’s smart and safe design means you can run the tubular heater for long hours without fear of fire or damage.

Just like central heating, tubular heaters can be programmed with a compatible thermostat to come on at certain hours of the day or when the temperature drops to a certain temperature. This means you can programme your tubular heater to come on for when you wake up or come home from work or whatever works for you.

We have different thermostats in different styles to choose from, including choices with an easy to read LCD display and a child lock setting.

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