Heating Safety With Tubular Heater Guards

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White Single Tube Heater GuardWhy tubular heating guards are an important safety measure

Tubular heaters are one of the safest heating methods, but installing a tubular heating guard provides extra protection and added peace of mind.

When it comes to heating your home and other spaces, tube heaters are a great option.
With a low wattage and integrated thermostatic control, they are incredibly energy efficient, using significantly less energy than conventional fan heaters. This makes them ideal for use as background heat or for protection against frost. They are also very convenient with a space saving design that makes them perfect for small spaces.

Designed with safety in mind

Another key advantage of tubular heaters is that they are designed with safety and reliability in mind, and with features such as thermal overload cut-out protection and splash-proof coating, they are safer than most other methods of heating. However, it always pays to take extra precautions and fitting a tubular heating guard can help to give you and your heater added protection.

Tubular heating guards

Even though tube heaters are one of the safest heating methods around, their lightweight, aluminium surface can still reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees. Given that these heaters are most often used in small, confined spaces such as caravans, workshops and garages, accidental contact with a heater is a very real risk, and could potentially result in a nasty burn.

For this reason, we recommend that you protect your heaters with tubular heating guards, particularly if they are situated around children, pets, or people who are less mobile or unsteady on their feet.

These heavy duty metal protective guards are easy to install and provide a robust barrier around the heater. This prevents the heater from coming into contact with people or items such as clothing, helping to greatly reduce the risk of injury or fire. At the same time, the guard’s grill design still allows the heat to circulate through the room, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise performance for safety.

The small size of tubular heaters means that they can be susceptible to damage should they be knocked over or hit by an object. So, as well as protecting people and belongings, a heating guard can also help to protect the heater itself from any accidental damage which may occur.

To increase output, tube heaters can be grouped together in special brackets and, to accommodate that, our tubular heating guards come in both single and double sizes. They also come in a choice of finishes, making it easy for them to blend in with their surroundings.

Heating safety

Even the safest methods of heating can pose a hazard if not used correctly so, no matter what form of electric heating you use, it always pays to take additional safety measures.

Avoid buying second hand heaters, and make sure any heaters you do buy comply with the relevant safety marks and regulations. Take care to position your heater a safe distance from clothes, curtains or furniture, and never leave clothes or other items draped over the heater. Last, but by no means least, be sure to inspect your heater regularly for any damage or disrepair and, if you think there may be a problem, do not use it until it has been checked by a professional.

Tubular heaters offer so many benefits and are a great heating choice for domestic and commercial premises alike. And by fitting a heating guard and applying some common sense precautions, you can experience all the advantages this heating source has to offer while enjoying full peace of mind. Order your tube heater guard today.


Will a tubular heater guard impact the heat?

Not at all, our tubular heater guards have a grill design that still allows the heat to circulate around the room it is installed in, so you can invest in a guard without ever worrying about the impacting the effectiveness of your tubular heater.

They provide that extra peace of mind around safety and our guards come in white or cream to easily blend in with most home environments – so wherever you choose to install your tubular heater you can be sure it will be discreet.

Tubular heaters are one of the safest ways to heat an area, but that being said, they can reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius so it is well worth taking some extra protection and investing in a tubular heater guard.

Tubular heater guards are designed to fit over the tubular heater and have a grid like structure to allow heat to still flow through but preventing the accidental direct touch against the heater. This is ideal especially around children or those more unsteady on their feet, but also helps prevent anything coming into contact directly with the heater and causing any kind of fire risk.

As well as protecting you and your family from burns, a tubular heater guard is also useful for protecting the tubular heater itself from damage. Due to its small size, a tubular heater can be susceptible to damage if it is knocked over or hit by an object, so the guard provides an extra level of protection to the heater itself – meaning you can enjoy energy efficient heating for years to come.

We also provide double size guards, so if you have a grouping of tubular heaters, you can easily guard them.


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