How Are Tubular Heaters Made?

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A tubular heater is an effective heating solution that can be used in a domestic and commercial environment. They’re cost-effective, safe and efficient to use, and have a number of different benefits in comparison to other heating alternatives. Read on to find out more about what tubular heaters are, what they are made from and how they are used!

What is a tubular heater?

A tubular heater is a tube shaped heater, which provides heat through electricity heating the element inside the tube structure and radiating outwards. Tubular heaters are ideal for use where background heat is required, such as seldom used attics, conservatories and warehouses. They can also be used in areas where you may want to take the chill off during the colder conditions, such as walk-in wardrobes and pet kennels.

What are they made from?

The majority of tubular heaters are made from mild steel tubes, and whilst this is an effective material, aluminium is a far superior material as it means that they heat up a lot quicker. Aluminium is also a better conductor of heat than mild steel, and dissipates the heat more efficiently.

How do they work?

Tubular heaters are constructed from aluminium and output 60W per foot, so you will find that they offer exceptionally fast heat-up times with running costs as low as half-a-pence per hour. They are really easy to use – simply plug into a conventional mains socket or wire it directly into the supply and it’s ready to go! They are often compact in size, so they take up far less space than other types of electric heater, and they can be added to brackets if more than one is being used.

Are they safe?

Tubular heaters are extremely safe – they are portable, easy to install and are efficient at providing heat to spaces. They’re much safer than alternative heating solutions, such as paraffin heaters and electric heaters, which can be a fire risk and easily cause accidents. Whilst tubular heaters are very safe, you can invest in a tube heater guard for extra safety, which creates a barrier and prevents the risk of any accidental burns – which can be particularly useful for use around children.

Where are they used?

Tubular heaters are commonly used in workshops and other outbuildings, but they can also be used in a home environment for those looking for cost-effective heating solutions to certain house spaces, such as attics, basements, garages, storage rooms, bike sheds and any large vacant rooms. Tubular heaters are also popular for use in garden greenhouses or outbuildings to help protect any contents from the frost.

What are their benefits?

Tubular heaters have many benefits over their heating alternatives, such as paraffin stoves or electric fan heaters, which can carry the risk of hazardous fumes and consume an extortionate amount of energy. Tubular heaters use a small amount of electricity to run, and they are much cleaner, safer and cheaper to use. They also come with a built-in thermostat to help ensure that the temperature is regulated properly. Their space-saving design also means that they can be used practically anywhere!

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