How Efficient Are Tube Heaters?

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Electrical Heating

Tubular heaters provide heat via electricity, with the electricity heating up an element inside the tube structure that is then able to radiate outwards thanks to the tubular structure. Unlike some other electrical heaters, a tubular heater can run for long hours unsupervised and be set up and attached to the wall out of the way to prevent any accidents occurring.

Energy and Cost Efficient

If you are looking for a way to heat a space at a low cost, then a tubular heater is the ideal choice. Tubular heaters cost less than a penny an hour to run, meaning they will barely make a dent in your electricity bill – ideal if you need to run for long hours or provide constant background heat to a space. This also means your impact on the environment is minimal too, so you do not have to feel guilty either.

Continuous Heat

Because thermal heaters are ideal for running for long hours without impacting your wallet or the environment, they make an ideal solution to providing ongoing background heat to areas such as garages, attics, sheds, conservatories, warehouses and greenhouses. This can help minimise issues such as damp and provide a comfortable environment to work in.

Top Up Heating

If you want to resist turning up the thermostat on your central heating or storage heaters, then a tubular heater could be the ideal solution to top up your heating. Try installing them in cooler areas of the home to minimise cold spots and make for a more comfortable environment during those cold winter months. Ideal for areas like bathrooms and toilets which may not have their own heating installed or for keeping areas like hallways and larger rooms at a comfortable temperature.

More Efficient Than Other Tubular Heaters

Most tubular heaters are made from steel tubes, but our Thermo tubular heaters are made with aluminium, which is a much better conductor of heat, helping our tubular heaters work as a much better conductor so they can heat quickly and more efficiently – making us the best choice for tubular heaters.

Programme to Your Needs

You can either choose to turn on your tubular heater as and when you need it, or you can buy one of our tubular heater thermostats, so you can programme it to run at particular times or when the temperature drops below a certain temperature – this means that whether you want to prevent frost in your greenhouse, keep your home at a comfortable temperature whilst you’re away or have an outdoor area such as a garage or shed warm up ahead your arrival.

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