How Reliable are Tubular Heaters?

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Tubular heaters are a great alternative heating option and work in a range of environments, both indoors and in outdoor garden buildings and garages. Here we detail just some of the reasons why tubular heaters are so reliable. 

Can Run For Long Hours 

A tubular heater is able to run for long hours unsupervised as they are very safe with no risk of fire. They are also very cheap to run at less than a penny an hour so won’t drive up your bill if you need to run them for a long time. The low level heat they can provide work as the perfect background or a heat top-up to a room such as in an exposed environment such as a garage shed or conservatory. 

Can Be Fixed Out Of The Way 

We can provide wall brackets with our tubular heaters, so you can attach them out of the way, this means this is a portable means of heat for your home that won’t get in the way or constantly have to be moved out of the way when not in use as well as helping your home look less cluttered. These fittings are secure and can be easily fixed in – meaning no trip hazards or accidental burning. We also provide a safety guard if you want to be extra safe. 

Programme To Your Needs 

If you need to programme your tubular heater to run during certain times or conditions, you can buy a compatible thermostat that will allow you to programme your heater to run at certain times such as overnight or when the temperature drops below a certain temperature to prevent frost. This is ideal if you have somewhere that needs a stable temperature such as a greenhouse or a damp prone area of your home. 

The Ideal Solution for Problem Areas 

If you have an area of your home that is a particularly cold spot, then tubular heaters can be the perfect solution to creating balanced and long term heat in a room as you can attach them to the wall and spread out as needed – say for heating a conservatory, shed, garage or loft conversion. They have a long life span and can be relied on to provide a good source of constant heat for years to come and can easily be programmed or switched off or on as and when you need them. 

Why Our Tubular Heaters Are Better 

While many tubular heaters are made with steel tubes, our tubular heaters are made with aluminium – a better conductor of heat. This means that our make of tubular heaters are much more efficient and can heat quickly meaning that when you need to use them you can be confident you will feel and benefit from the heat much quicker than with a competitor’s product – which is why we are the leading choice. 

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