How To Keep Your Man Cave Warm This Winter

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Even alpha males get chilly so ensure your personal man space stays cosy

More men are creating their personal space either inside or outside the family home with the man cave.

It’s a room or structure where they can both be alone and get out of the family’s way if the time has come to indulge in some manly recreation such as playing loud computer games, retiring with a few mates to have an animated discussion about the footie, or maybe to quietly work on a specific hobby or interest.

The man cave may be inside the house – a designated room or perhaps a loft conversion – or could be a purpose built den based on a deluxe shed or log cabin. Either way, it needs to be a home from home and comfortable so suitable decor and efficient heating is a must to enjoy the space during the winter months.

The man cave: a highly personalised space

Some men really go to town when it comes to creating their man cave; from an amusement and games bolt hole with a Las Vegas decor to a shrine to their favourite football team, many chaps have been highly inventive when creating their personal space.

They’ve been happy to spend significant sums of money in some cases – five figures isn’t uncommon when it comes to creating and kitting out a ‘male only’ recreational area.

Recreation or work

Some men caves are purely recreational while some combine a work space or an area to work on a hobby that is intended (or has become) part of the owner’s work.

The great thing here is that the space can be dedicated to a particular activity as opposed to using, say, a corner of the dining room table and having to clear everything away on a regular basis.

Other man caves can be designed especially to suit the likely activities. For example, serious music listeners using audiophile quality hi-fi equipment may choose a thick log cabin style with double glazed windows and doors to help keep warm and soundproof the area so they can turn the volume up without disturbing the rest of the family and neighbours.

Outdoor man caves

Unless a property is especially large, some don’t have enough space for a ‘serious’ man cave with room to sprawl out in front of a large television, install a pool or snooker table, or offer outdoor options such as decking for enjoying warmer weather.

Far from being a basic garden shed, the outdoor man cave would likely be a quality structure built specifically as an ‘outdoor room’ and created with its owner in mind.


Of course a man cave is no good without heating; indeed, it’s during the darker and chillier winter nights when the space may be used most, so efficient and economical heating is a must.

An outdoor space – or even an indoor area up in the loft – won’t be connected to the central heating so other forms of heating will be required and they’re likely to be electricity based.

Portable and fixed heaters – wall-mounted convection heaters or portable types such as oil filled radiators are popular but running costs can soon mount up unless controlled carefully. Also, if the space is on the small side some portable heaters such as bulky radiators can take up too much room.

Compact fixed heaters – tube heaters are a very cost effective option; they’re cheap to run and compact so solving the space and cost issue. They’re economical enough to be on at various times even when the space isn’t occupied so as to keep frost away or warm the space up a little before being used as they can run on timers.

They range in size from one to six feet and produce around 60w of heat per foot and can be supplied in banks of heaters fixed with optional brackets.

They’re flexible in that they can either be supplied in versions for hard wiring to the electricity supply or via a three pin plug, and accessories such as timers and guards can be specified.

A modern, comfortable man cave

The idea of a man cave being a basic box room upstairs or a draughty garden shed outside is a very outdated concept. Such is the scope for creating a tailored, comfortable space properly heated and ventilated for year round use they may soon become a man’s most used space in the home.


How much does a tubular heater cost to run?

Tubular heaters are incredibly cheap to run, costing as little as half a penny an hour, meaning you can heat any area for long hours without worrying about racking up the cost of your energy bills. Other portable and plug in heaters can be much more expensive, with oil-filled radiators and halogen heaters costing up to 30p an hour to run.

With our tubular heaters you can spend hours tinkering away in your man cave without worrying about the electricity bill!

Yes, in our shop you can find a range of power control options for our tubular heaters so you can easily set your heater to the desired temperature and even programme it for certain times. We have three choices, the Electronic Plug-In Thermostat has 24 hour time control and an easy to read display, the Camplex IP56 Weatherproof Soil & Air Capillary Thermostat is ideal for your greenhouse and the Time guard electronic room thermostat has a frost protection setting. So whatever your needs, you can find the right thermostat for you.

Just one of our tubular heaters can be powerful, reaching 120c thanks to its lightweight aluminium – providing ideal background heat. We would recommend you install no more than 4 tubular heaters above each other in a ladder effect for optimum heating.

The amount you’ll need will usually depend on the size of the space you are trying to heat. All of our heaters are supplied with mounting brackets for easy installation and you can also purchase linking kits if you are intending to install a bank of tubular heaters.

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