Keep The Chill Off This Christmas With A Tubular Heater

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As the nights get longer and the cold starts to creep in, now is the time that every draught, breeze and potential damp zone makes itself known. Anyone with greenhouses, outbuildings or attics knows that it can be a battle over winter to prevent frost, mildew, and mould from invading without forking over huge amounts of money. If these challenges are not averted, they can lead to huge financial costs later to repair damage or replace ruined objects. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure, that’s where tubular heating comes in!

A tubular heater provides heat through a central heating element enclosed by a hard-wearing electrostatic powder coated aluminium metal tube. It is the ideal heating solution for any area requiring constant low heating and/or can be linked to timers or thermostats – for example to keep the frost off your greenhouse veggies. As they use very little electricity in comparison to standard ‘space’ heaters or fan heaters they are a great investment to prevent common causes of damage in the home such as mould, mildew, and structural rot. In areas such as homes and outbuildings, guards are available for the safety of animals/children who may be tempted to touch heat sources.

Boats – Houseboats, longboats and pleasure vehicles suffer damage from above and below, especially in winter. If you aren’t able to dry-dock your boat (for example if you’re living in it) then you’ll know the cost and challenge of preventing the damp inching in while you are out. With the constant low cost, soft heat of tubular heating – your indoors can stay dry, and your possessions protected from mildew.

Indoors – Heat rises, but while this can provide a little heat to residential attics, if you’re wanting to spend time in a conversion the additional steady background heating of tubular heaters can make it much more comfortable. These heaters are also incredibly useful in walk-in wardrobes to prevent mildew, and in porches/garages to protect against mould growth which can be hazardous to your family’s health. These ‘outlying’ areas of the home are often wastefully expensive to heat by conventional methods and challenging to extend the home’s central heating to.

Outdoors – In workshops, sheds, outbuildings, and greenhouses, using temperature sensors or timers you can maintain a safe temperature for your plants or equipment. For residential greenhouses and utility rooms, tubular heaters can be as small as 1 foot long – producing 60w of heat, whilst for larger outbuildings the longest heater is six foot – producing 360w, and multiple can be banked using brackets or spaced throughout the building. ‘Gentle’ heating in this way is much more cost effective than using standard fan heaters.

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