How To Keep Warm During A Spring Frost

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Using inexpensive and efficient heating during unexpected cold snaps

The clocks going forward at the end of March heralds longer days and hopefully the true onset of spring, but it’s possible temperatures can plummet at various times just as you begin to think about switching the heating off or at least turning it down.

Rather than whacking the thermostat up again – especially to heat up the odd room – a cheaper and efficient option is at hand.

No need to turn the heating up

Increasing the temperature for the whole house by turning the heating up could be akin to cracking a nut with a sledgehammer if you just need to ward off some spring frost from a smaller room or two.

If a spring frost strikes so causing a few chillier earlier mornings, less costly heating targeted to the area – or areas – the home needs it is the answer.

Inexpensive power

Background heating is an ideal way to provide some warmth to keep frosty temperatures at bay, and benefits from being usually cheaper to run than your central heating turned to a higher temperature.

Electric tube heaters are an ideal solution to providing suitable background heating in a variety of spaces. They offer twin benefits of being both extremely compact and cheap to run, and are designed especially to ward off frost and condensation; this makes them very effective in heating various spaces including greenhouses and even larger rooms in the home.

The tubular heater

As their name suggests, tubular heaters are cylindrical in shape and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from one to six feet, and power outputs starting at 60W through to 360W at prices starting under £20.00.

The smaller output models can be run for less than half a penny an hour to provide steady and cheap background heat, and won’t take up much room so they’re ideal for small spaces such as box rooms or even larger cupboards.

They’re available in versions that can be plugged into a power socket or wired directly into the mains, and are supplied with brackets to secure them properly. A linking kit can be specified if more than one heater is to be used in a location.

Enhanced usage

To make the most of a tubular heater’s ability to provide inexpensive background heat various accessories can be chosen:

Timers – digital plug in timers can be programmed up to seven days ahead to switch the heater on and off as required so as to maximise heat provisions and minimise running costs.

Thermostats – to provide temperature control for the tubular heater; especially useful to set it to come on when frost conditions occur.

RCD safety adaptor – designed to cut the power supply to appliances at times of hazard. These are ideal where possible damp conditions or water could threaten.

Guards – to prevent direct contact with the tube itself which could be required in environments where young children or certain pets are likely to be present.

Flexible heating

There’s a multitude of environments where tubular heaters can help keep spring frosts at bay, such as greenhouses, kennels, certain cupboards, conservatories, large or very small rooms, garden sheds, outbuildings and much more.


How do I prevent spring frost destroying my plants?

After a long cold winter, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the first hints of spring before it is taken away again by late spring frost. The unpredictable British weather can cause havoc with spring blooms, with frost causing the water in plants to freeze and damage the cell wall, causing limp plants, killing off blossom and damaging the fruit.

One way to help offset this is by installing a tubular heater in your garden, it can be set up in your greenhouse to help maintain a steady temperature and is safe to use outside and for long hours.

We provide a tubular heater thermostat with a frost setting, turning on the heater automatically if the temperature falls below a certain level. This means that should frost strike unpredictably, as it inevitably does, you can ensure your plants are protected from late spring frost and go on to live another day to flourish.

Our tubular heaters and accessories are ideal for this purpose. If you’re looking to provide a constant comfortable temperature with full control, a tubular heater is the ideal choice.

Not at all, a tubular heater can cost less than 1p an hour to run, impressively affordable when compared to other portable heaters that can cost as much as 30p an hour. If you’re looking for a heating solution that is ideal for running for long hours to provide a comfortable or set temperature then a tubular heater could be the perfect choice.

Portable, plug in and able to be mounted to the wall, a tubular heater is ideal for a range of environments including greenhouses, garages, sheds, summerhouses and throughout the home.

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