The Latest Tube Heater Trends This Spring

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Low cost, compact and flexible heating solution proving popular

Tubular heating is proving popular with sales throughout the world, buoyant thanks to these types of heater’s versatility in providing background or – in some cases – main heat in a multitude of environments.

Energy costs changing heat use

The energy utility companies announced another round of price increase in early spring in response to the energy price cap being increased by energy regulator Ofgem, and this could have a positive effect on low cost heating options provided by tubular heaters.

It’s increasingly expensive to run central heating or a larger electric heater such as an oil filled radiator to provide background heat in somewhere like a seldom used box room, or conservatory to keep frost away in the colder months. Instead, tube heaters costing mere fractions of a penny per hour to run are increasingly being turned to as an economical heat source.

Extensions and add-ons ideal for tubular heaters

More householders are adding to their properties by way of loft and garage conversions and outbuildings rather than the upheaval and expense of moving home, and greenhouses are ever popular to grow plants and vegetables sometimes requiring heated conditions.

Lofts – it’s not always practical to run central heating up to what might be a small loft conversion, so keeping the space warm with background heat from heaters that don’t take much space and are cheap to run makes more sense.

Outbuildings – the same applies to outbuildings; if more heat is required then portable or wired in electric heaters can add to the tubular heater’s output.

Conservatories – even if they’re not being used in the autumn and winter, conservatories often need to be kept frost and condensation free so tubular heaters can handle this without costing the earth or taking much space.

Greenhouses – tubular heaters have a high IP rating (the measure of how durable they are at withstanding dust and other particulate invasion and water ingress). They’re increasingly popular in greenhouses, especially when used in conjunction with weatherproof thermostats and timers.

Other uses – the popularity of tubular heaters extends to use in larger cupboards where contents must be kept above a certain temperature, and for outdoor animal shelters such as kennels for when the thermometer dips too low.

Their flexibility in use is helped by the availability of guards so animals won’t come into contact with their hot surface.

Variety of sizes and types

The rising popularity of tubular heaters is helped by the ability for users to pay for only the heat they need; a basic one foot long 60w heater costing under a penny per hour to run may suffice, but if more heat is required they go up in one foot and 60w increments to the largest six foot long models providing 360w of heating output.

It’s also possible to have a cluster of heaters using brackets available as accessories and choose between models with three pin plugs or those hard wired into the mains electricity.

Economical heating option

At a time when people look to save money and not waste resources such as when using excessive heating, tubular heaters offer the chance to pay and use what’s required; contributing to their popularity.


Is it possible to programme a tubular heater?

Yes, if you would like to programme your tubular heater to operate at certain times of the day or certain temperatures, you can do so with a tubular heater thermostats which we sell as part of our tube heater accessories, as well as heater guards and wall mounting brackets.

We have a choice of different thermostats to choose from, some with digital displays that you can easily read and programme to your needs. They are ideal if you would like to heat an area at a certain time, such as before you get home or before you start work. There is also an option of an anti-frost setting which activates when the temperature dips below a certain level.

Yes! They’re a great option for greenhouses or orangeries where you may grow plants, fruit or vegetables throughout the year. During the winter, keen gardeners are all aware of protecting plants from frost and succumbing to the winter chill.

A tubular heater can help create the perfect environment for your plants to help them get through the cold months and keep your greenhouse at a comfortable temperature. You can programme it to come on when it is below a certain temperature or to provide a constant source of heat. Our tubular heaters are safe for greenhouse use and can be used for long hours without causing a fire risk.

Unlike many other portable heaters, a tubular heater is very affordable to run, especially for long hours. While other portable heaters can cost as much as 30p an hour to run, a tubular heater can cost less than 1p! They’re even cheap to buy, starting as low as £20 each so you can buy one or multiple heaters to keep an area warm for hours at minimum cost.

So from investing into your tubular heater to running it, a tubular heater is a cheap affordable way of heating a space and keeping it warm and comfortable without running up energy bills.

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