Summer is Here – Get Ready for Winter!

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Now is the Time to Prepare Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to do those jobs that will make your home comfortable in the winter months.

With the beautiful summer weather we have been enjoying over recent weeks, it might sound crazy to be thinking about winter. But the truth is, if there are jobs that need doing around the home and improvements that have been in the back of your mind for some time, now is the time to do them.

Already, the days are getting shorter, and the remaining weeks of summer will slip by quicker than you think. Here are five jobs to take a look at while the sun is shining.

Sort out the heating

Thermotube Tube HeaterIf you have a central heating system, get it serviced. During summer, contractors experience a lull, and most people wait till they need to start switching it on around October before they realise it needs a service.

Also think about heating in other areas. If you have outbuildings or a greenhouse, the chances are you spend plenty of time out there in the summer, but avoid them in the winter. Now is a perfect time to put in some tubular heaters, to make them comfortable places to be all year round.

Get painting

Exterior painted surfaces take plenty of punishment all year round, thanks to the effects of sun, wind, rain and frost, so take the opportunity to check them. Look for any cracking, peeling or bubbling, and if you deal with it now, you can save yourself some major renovation work later.

As well as preserving the appearance of your home, you will be helping to prolong the life of wooden doors, frames and other surfaces.

Check the windows

Even if you have uPVC or metal window frames, they still need to be checked. The sealant degrades over time, so if there are any gaps visible, deal with them now and you will not have wind or rain getting in later.

If the seal looks past its best all the way round, it might be better to clear it and completely redo it, rather than trying to plug gaps. Be sure to use the right kind of waterproof flexible sealant for the job.

Roof and gutters

If there is one nightmare scenario in the middle of winter, it is a leaky roof. Birds will take advantage of any loose tiles in order to build nests in your roof space, so take the opportunity now to get someone up there while the weather is good and nesting season is over, to check all is well. At this time of year, a problem like that can be solved in a matter of minutes.

Some homes have a flat roof, for example on a garage or extension. These can lose their shingles over time, and flashing can become loose. Again, these are maintenance issues that can be solved in a matter of minutes in the summer time, but can evolve into serious problems if left unaddressed.

Finally, while you or your willing volunteer is up at roof level, take a quick look at the gutters. Clear any leaves and moss to avoid that impromptu shower for the unwary later in the year.

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