Time Controls and Thermostats for Tube Heaters

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Tube Heater AccessoriesDiscussing the timer and thermostat add on options for making the most of cheap to run electric tube heaters by controlling when heat is switched on and off.

Making economical tubular heaters even more cost effective and efficient

Tube heaters are a popular choice for heating smaller spaces including walk in cupboards and greenhouses and providing background heat for spaces such as conservatories.

Their compact dimensions and low running costs make for an efficient and inexpensive heating option, and their efficiency can be boosted by the use of thermostats and timers to ensure heat is provided exactly when it’s required.

Flexible control options

In order to make the most of heating of any type, control over when it comes on and off and when it should ‘kick in’ makes for increased efficiency and ensures money isn’t being wasted when heat isn’t required.

Ideally add ons such as timers, thermostatic heater controls and other accessories such as circuit breakers should be bought from the people who make the tube heaters installed as the equipment will be designed with their heaters in mind.


Depending on where a tube heater is used will influence what type of thermostat is used.

Weatherproof design – for use in harsher environments such as, say, in a greenhouse a weatherproof type would be best such as a soil and air capillary design.

These have the added benefit of being able to also control electric cooling equipment in the warmer months and can provide accurate temperature control from 0 to 40℃.

Room thermostat – similar to the types commonly found in homes to control the central heating, in a similar way these can be wall mounted and a pre determined temperature set when it should activate the heater – or heaters.

They incorporate a frost setting so will provide heat when frosty temperatures are reached, and are simple to adjust with a rotary control and clearly marked temperature graduations.

They’re available with a tamper proof cover to prevent preset temperatures being altered when they shouldn’t be.

Time control units

Usually available incorporating a thermostat control, these have a three pin socket so can be used with the plug in versions of tube heaters as opposed to those hard wired into the mains supply.

This type of plug in timer features the following:

  • Four operating modes: on, off, timed and automatic. Therefore, the timer can simply switch heating on and off as and when required but also offer timed, thermostatically controlled heat.
  • A 0 to 35℃ temperature range
  • A battery that will retain timer settings when unplugged or if there’s a power outage
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Suitable for use with other types of electric heater such as fan, convector and oil filled radiators


It’s possible tube heaters may be used in areas near water, so a reliable way of cutting the power supply in the event of water ingress would be vital.

A three pin version of a tube heater can plugged into the mains via an RCD (Residual Current Device) that will instantly cut the power supply if water – or even moisture – gets in.

These can be used with other electrical and garden appliances with a rating up to 3kW.

A little extra goes a long way

Spending a little more on equipping tube heaters with a means of controlling the heat, and adding safety with an RCD where necessary, can save more money in the long run in the more efficient use of this already cheap to run type of heater.

Where can I buy a thermostat for my tubular heater?

We recommend purchasing thermostats from We Are Tubular Heaters to ensure it is compatible with your tubular heater. We have a selection of time controls and thermostat accessories for you to choose from to control and set the temperature and running of your tubular heater.

The type of thermostat you choose will probably depend on your needs and requirements and we supply a range to suit indoor and outdoor environments so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

As Tubular heaters can reach temperatures of up to 120c, we recommend investing in a tubular heater guard if you have children and your heater is somewhere accessible to little hands!

We sell guards that are specifically compatible with our tubular heaters, creating a safe barrier between the heater and you – it has a mesh design so heat can still effectively disperse around the room without any impact.

We provide our guards in the choice of white or cream, so you can find one that suits your interior design.

Tubular heaters are one of the most affordable ways to heat a space, especially for long hours. This energy efficient heating source costs as little as half a penny an hour to use, meaning you can provide long term heat or temperature control to a space without worrying about expensive heating bills.

This makes tubular heaters ideal for heating areas such as sheds, garages, greenhouses and conservatories. Combined with time control thermostats, you can programme your tubular heater to heat the area at specific times such as overnight, in the morning before you use the space or in the evening as it gets cooler.

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