Tube Heater Market Set To Grow in 2018

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Low running cost tube heaters score in search for cost effective heat

As energy prices rise, people’s work and home routines evolve, and concerns for energy efficiency and CO2 emissions increase, the search for affordable and effective heating is putting the focus on forms of heating both of a portable and background nature. With their very low running costs, compact designs and adaptability tubular heaters are proving popular – a trend that is likely to increase.

Industrial heat use and the need for ‘customisable’ heat makes tubular heating in general very much a growth market.

Evolving heat use

In general, people’s habits and routines are changing. The growth in extending one’s home to create extra living space in the form of conservatories, dens, loft conversions and garden rooms creates a need for heating that can’t always effectively be served by the existing central heating.

Conservatories and garden rooms – while some may be supplied by an add-on to the existing central heating, many are heated independently as users occupy them year-round not just during the warmer summer months. Tubular heaters offer a very cost effective and space saving way of background heating them.

Loft conversions – some conversions are created to provide an extra bedroom, bathroom or maybe an office, and are increasingly popular as people seek to extend their living space rather than face the upheaval and cost of moving.

It could be too difficult or not prove cost effective to extend the central heating to the loft, so compact tubular heaters are a viable option to keep rooms from becoming too chilly.

Dens and home offices – more people work from home either as part of their job or in the context of being self employed, and converting an outbuilding or using a good quality shed is one way of creating some work or recreational space.

Of course it needs heating or at least some background heat, so this rising trend increases the need for heat that tubular heaters can help address.

Tubular heaters used in combination with other heat sources

It’s not always cost effective to run central heating or other expensive temporary or portable heating such as oil filled radiators or convection heaters, but background heating may be desirable or even essential such as in preventing freezing. Again, tubular heaters prove popular as householders look to save costs; a tubular heater can cost as little as half a pence per hour to run.

When more heat is required, it’s a common method to augment the background heat from tubular heaters with the central heating or, say, a portable radiator.

Energy and the environment

Energy – people naturally want to save money and energy, so are turning to affordable background heating when running the central heating would otherwise be a ‘hammer to crack a walnut’ solution.

Environment – running central heating pumps a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, so people are encouraged to use it only when required or to consider turning down the thermostat a little.

While tubular heaters obviously won’t take the place of central heating, they stop a space becoming totally stone cold or even frozen. Consequently, they’re increasingly popular in keeping some background heat going when the central heating isn’t in use or to allow householders the option of not using it for purely background heating.


Tubular heaters are used extensively in heat transfer applications where heat needs to be literally transferred from one medium to another such as certain fluids. This includes not just heating but also for cooling such as in air conditioning and refrigeration.

The growth in air conditioning and increased refrigeration of foodstuffs as certain foods are transported over greater distances and stored for longer is seeing a marked rise in industrial use tubular heating. This trend is certain to increase as increased food production will be required to meet the demands of a rising worldwide population.

Mindful heat use

In general, people are becoming more aware of the consequences of what type of heating they use both in terms of the impact on their pocket and the environment, so are increasingly seeking different ways to save money and be kinder to the environment. Tubular heating offers a cost-effective option hence its increasing popularity.

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