Tubular Heaters Provide Efficient Home Heating

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From the Home to the Greenhouse, Tubular Heaters Provide a Cost Effective Solution

Tubular heaters provide a great way of maintaining the ambient temperature in a variety of environments and are cleaner and more cost-effective than other alternatives.

This time of year brings an inevitable increase in expenditure for UK homeowners that has nothing to do with the Christmas shopping. Energy bills can go through the roof as we turn up the central heating, fill up the oil tank and get the boiler serviced to ensure our families keep warm over the winter months.

For the thousands of us who have outbuildings such as greenhouses, sheds, stables and workshops to consider, the problems and costs can become astronomical. Here, in particular, tubular heaters provide a clean and efficient way of keeping the ambient temperature at just the right level.

Why use tubular heaters?

Tubular heaters can be used in any environment, around the home. However, they really come into their own in outbuildings where you wish to keep an even temperature to prevent freezing and condensation.

Traditionally, many have used alternatives such as paraffin stoves or electric fan heaters in these environments. However, there are downsides to these. Even the best paraffin heaters give off a certain amount of fumes, and can prevent a significant fire risk. They can be knocked over, and it is only too easy for something to fall onto them or even to be placed on them as a convenient shelf “just for a moment” and then forgotten.

Electric fan heaters provide instant heat, but have a very limited range. They also consume vast amounts of electricity in their operation.

The other downside to these alternatives is that they are either off or on and cannot keep an environment at a steady ambient temperature.

Tubular heaters overcome all of these problems. They use a fraction of the electricity of a fan heater and are cheaper, cleaner and safer than paraffin too. By using a built in thermostat, the temperature is kept at a constant level, and energy usage is kept to a minimum.

Where to use tubular heaters

Their space-saving design and the fact that they can be wall-mounted means that tubular heaters can be used practically anywhere.

This means it becomes possible to heat areas where you could never safely leave a fan heater or paraffin stove, for example in grow tents or around livestock such as chickens or horses. Sturdy guards can be mounted over the heaters for even more safety.

However, they are not only for use in a workshop or smallholding. These heaters also provide an effective alternative to radiators if you are looking to for a cost efficient way to heat areas of your home.

The heaters come in a range of sizes from one foot to six feet, and special linking kits are available making it possible to use a whole bank of heaters – rendering them practical for any application, large or small.

Stay warm this winter

We all have things that are important to us. From garden sheds to family homes, from classic cars to vegetable plants and from chickens to horses, you can use tubular heaters to keep them warm this winter without breaking the bank.


Are Tubular Heaters Safe To Use?

Tubular heaters are one of the safest ways to heat an area, in fact their design is based around safety and reliability. If you need to heat a small or external area, tubular heaters can provide a way of helping to heat a room safely without the risks of paraffin lamps or electric heaters – both of which can be a fire risk.

If you are looking for a safe way to heat your garage, greenhouse, shed or anywhere else, a tubular heater is the perfect solution because it doesn’t use an exposed flame and can heat up quickly providing a comfortable temperature in winter months.

As we all know, heating can be expensive, but tubular heaters are actually very affordable to run as they only output about 60W per foot and cost only half a pence an hour to run – meaning you can benefit from their warmth without worrying about running up a high electricity bill!

Alternative options such as electric fans and heaters can be hugely expensive to run and use a high amount of energy in the process, so the tubular heater is a sensible solution – especially if you are looking to heat a smaller space with background heat.

Tubular heaters are safer to run than alternatives such as paraffin or electric heaters, as there is not an exposed element but they can get very hot as you would expect and if you have children or want to prevent accidents, it is possible to buy tube heater guards to prevent anyone from accidently touching it. This cage like design allows heat to flow around the area effectively but creates a barrier to prevent accidently touching the hot element.

Our heaters undergo rigorous testing before they are sold to ensure they meet our quality and safety checks. We even supply thermostats, so you can programme when you want your tubular heater to be active.

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