Tubular Heaters: Why They’re Cost Effective

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Use just the amount of heat needed to save costs with tube heaters

Certain forms of heat such as central heating or fixed electric heaters like oil filled radiators and convection heaters can waste money if all you require is some background heating – for example when looking to keep the chill off a space.

Tube heaters offer a way of providing just enough heat for a given situation as their primary purpose is for background heating; a function they perform at very low cost. One 60w tube heater costs less than half a penny to run per hour.

Designed for background heating

Saving costs is helped when you can use equipment specifically designed for a purpose; tubular heaters are designed to provide background heat whereas other forms of heating are more specifically used to fully heat an area.

As a result, using heat sources such as central heating to provide background heat is an expensive way of going about it.

Compact and versatile

Tubular heaters are available singly or can be ‘clustered’ if more heat is required in a given space, and their compact dimensions – a 60w heater is just one foot long – mean they can provide background heat to smaller spaces such as walk in cupboards and pet kennels. 

The low running costs make it viable to heat spaces you may otherwise consider too expensive to provide background heat for such as a converted loft, a rarely used box room, an out building, or a conservatory.

Tubular heaters can be wired directly into the mains electricity or connected via three pin plug, and various accessories are available such as guards so they can be used safely when children or pets may come into contact with them.

More flexibility and cost savings are possible with separate timers and controls to switch them on and off so they only operate when background heat is required.

These heaters are also suitable for outdoor use such as in greenhouses since they’re IP54 rated – an official measure of how resistant they are to water and particle ingress. An IP54 rating is near the top of the scale – for example even splashes of water would be resisted – so there’s no problem using them in certain outdoor situations.

You can specify outdoor use timers as accessories to use with them.

Choices of heater

Tubular heaters are available in various size and output increments; starting with the 60w one foot model they go up in one foot and 60w increments to the largest 360w six foot model.

This makes for tremendous flexibility in that you can specify exactly the heat output suitable for a given space – and of course you can use more than one heater ‘stacked’ using brackets available as accessories if you wish.


Along with keeping energy costs down, using just the heat you need has a positive effect in reducing CO2 emissions; tubular heaters may well save you running the central heating at times – or at least being able to switch off one or two radiators – so saving your carbon footprint.

Tubular heaters are definitely well worth considering if you require background heat options.


What makes tubular heaters cost effective; the fact they’re designed especially for background heating and are compact and versatile for use in various spaces.



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