What Are The Main Uses Of A Tubular Heater?

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Tubular heaters are tube heaters that are run with electric, producing a low cost, low energy heating solution. Their design means they can be fixed to the wall and out of the way providing background heat for long hours without racking up energy bills. Tubular heaters cost as little as half a penny an hour to run, and their design means you can feel confident about their safety in any area of your home. Find out more about their most popular uses in the home.

Heating Exposed Areas of the Home

If you have a conservatory, greenhouse, garage, shed or any other structure that blurs the lines between outside and inside, you are probably very aware that these environments can easily become very cold because they don’t have the usual thermal insulation that the rest of the home benefits from. Because tubular heaters are easily portable and can be affixed to the wall in certain areas, they are ideal for providing ongoing background heat to these cooler areas to create a comfortable environment to work, rest or entertain in.

Preventing Damp and Mould

Mould loves cold and damp environments and is usually at its worst during the winter months, creating humidity around windows and doors that provides the ideal environment for mould to grow. The best way to offset this is maintaining a constant warm temperature, but this isn’t always possible or affordable for everyone. Tubular heaters can provide a constant source of warmth in problem areas at less than a penny an hour to run.

This is an ideal solution for keeping mould at bay which can have damaging affects to health if not kept on top of.

Keeping Frost At Bay

If you’re a keen gardener, you will know how damaging late frost can be to your plants. A great way to prevent your crops from becoming a victim of frost is by investing in a tubular heater for your greenhouse. They are weatherproof and waterproof, so are ideally suited to an outdoor environment.

We supply tubular heater accessories such as timers and thermostats that can be programmed to operate when you need them, such as when the temperature falls below a certain level, meaning you never have to worry about your plants being a victim to frost again!

Loft Conversions

If you are considering a loft conversion or have recently had one and are considering how to heat it during the colder months, then it’s worth considering tubular heaters. They can be placed singularly or in a row together to provide the optimum level of heat. We provide accessories such as wall brackets and guards to keep them out of the way and safe and they can come with a thermostat to give you full control over heating levels.

Much less invasive and more affordable than extending central heating into the loft, which will usually be the warmest area of the home, it creates the perfect background heat for those cooler days, so your loft conversion is liveable and inviting.

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