Why Are Tubular Heaters The Most Cost Effective Heating Solution?

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What Is A Tubular Heater?

Tubular heaters are a form of heating that can be plugged into the electrical mains, to provide portable heat at an affordable price. These tube heaters are ideal for providing background heat and they can be used in the home, greenhouses, sheds and much more without posing a health and safety threat.

Cost Effective Portable Heating

If you find that your current heating isn’t warm enough and you experience cold spots in your home, a tubular heater could be the ideal solution for providing a comfortable environment and stopping frost and condensation from occurring.

Many rented properties have storage heaters which can be expensive to run and have often lost heat by the evening. Tubular heaters are a great alternative or compliment if you want to keep costs down.

You can simply plug it in and use as and when necessary! We provide our tubular heaters with mounting brackets and anchorage so you can easily install it within your home.

Other portable heaters such as fan heaters, oil-filled radiators and halogen heaters can cost up to 30p an hour to run, our tubular heater costs less than a penny an hour.

The Perfect Heating Option for External Use

If you are looking for a way to heat an external area such as a greenhouse where heat needs to be regulated or a shed, workshop, conservatory or garden house where background heat will make for a more comfortable environment, then a tubular heater is the perfect cost-effective option.

Because it is so easy to install, if you have electrical supply to your outdoor area, you can easily plug in the tubular heater. For timed heating and temperature control, we provide a thermostat you can use with your tubular heater.

The Safe Way To Heat Your Home

Many portable heaters can be expensive to run and pose a risk if left unattended, the London Fire Brigade says that electrical heaters have been the cause of 819 fires in the past five years on their patch and a third of fatal electrical fires are caused by heaters.

The reason for fires caused by portable heaters is that they have been placed too near to bedding, blankets or clothes. With a tubular heater, it is out of the way and can be fitted with a guard to prevent any touch burns.

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