Why Should You Consider Investing in a Tube Heater?

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A tubular heater is a tube shaped heater; it provides heat via electricity which heats the element inside the tube structure which radiates outwards thanks to its tubular structure. They are usually made from mild steel tubes, however Thermo products tubular heaters are made from aluminium, acting as far better conductor for the heat to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently.

Great for Providing Background Heat

Tubular heaters are great for background heat, such as in a garage, attic, conservatory, warehouse, shed, greenhouse or pet kennels. They’re easy to set up and attach to the wall using our specially designed brackets and they simply require plugging in. Unlike many other portable heaters, they are safe to run for long hours without supervision and can be put out of the way.

Cheap to Run

Tubular heaters are a cost-efficient way of providing constant heat to certain areas without building up a huge energy bill. They can cost less than a penny an hour to use, meaning you can run your tubular heater for long hours without worrying about the cost or your impact on energy usage or contribution to CO2 emissions.

Can Be Used Outside

We have tubular heaters suitable for use in some external areas, so you can provide heat to your outside bar, greenhouse or summerhouse without worrying about exposure damaging your heater. With many outdoor heaters being expensive to buy, a tubular heater is a great alternative option, hard wearing with an enclosed element our tubular heaters are IP54 rated. If you’re a keen gardener, it’s also great for preventing frost on your spring crop, we even have a compatible thermostat that can be programmed to come on when the temperature dips below a certain level.

Great Way To Combat Damp

Damp thrives in cold humid environments, which can often occur around your windows during the cold winter months. One of the best ways of preventing damp is by keeping rooms at a stable warm temperature but this isn’t always possible due to cost, your heating layout or less used areas of the house. Smartly placed tubular heaters in these problem areas can help prevent damp from occurring.

Perfect for Conservatories

Do you have a neglected conservatory because it’s just too cold to use for half of the year? Tubular heaters are a great way of keeping your conservatory at a comfortable temperature and help prevent condensation, so you can make the most of this area of your home all year round and make your investment worth it.

Ideal for Topping Up Heating

Do you live somewhere with storage heaters or where heat is unable to travel effectively? Investing in some tubular heaters for these problem areas can help keep your home warm during those cold winters, when your existing heating struggles to reach all areas. It’s also great for less used areas which can become very cold such as hallways, bathrooms, walk in wardrobes or attics.

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