What are our tubular heaters made from?

Made from lightweight extruded aluminium tube, they are the perfect balance between lightness and strength to ensure super fast heat-up times.

How much do our tubular heaters cost to run?

Our tube heaters can cost as little as 1/2p per hour, per foot (60W) to run but this is dependant on your own energy tariff – for more information please take a look at this great website which has this energy calculator which can help work out how much it costs to run household appliances – UK Power

How long is the warranty on the heater?

All our tubular heaters come with a no quibble 2 year guarantee

How many tubular heaters can link together?

We recommend that you install no more than 4 tubular heaters above one another in a ‘ladder effect’, but Thermotube tubular heaters may be installed into a circuit and controlled centrally.

How hot do they get?

Because of the lightweight aluminium the tubular heater surface can reach temperatures of 80 degrees C so it is highly recommended that if there is any chance of the young, elderly or infirm coming in to contact with them that a tubular heater guard must be fitted.

Do you need a guard for your tubular heater?

For all round protection it is advised that a tube heater guard is fitted as they offer good protection against items coming to rest against the heater (for example in a wardrobe) and when used in perhaps boarding kennels or cattery’s they offer excellent protection against damage from the animal and to the animal.