What are our tubular heaters made from?

Made from lightweight extruded aluminium tube, they are the perfect balance between lightness and strength to ensure super fast heat-up times.

How much do our tubular heaters cost to run?

Our tube heaters can cost as little as 1/2p per hour, per foot (60W) to run but this is dependant on your own energy tariff – for more information please take a look at this great website which has this energy calculator which can help work out how much it costs to run household appliances – UK Power

How long is the warranty on the heater?

All our tubular heaters come with a no quibble 2 year guarantee

How many tubular heaters can link together?

We recommend that you install no more than 4 tubular heaters above one another in a ‘ladder effect’, but Thermotube tubular heaters may be installed into a circuit and controlled centrally.

How hot do they get?

Because of the lightweight aluminium the tubular heater surface can reach temperatures of 80 degrees C so it is highly recommended that if there is any chance of the young, elderly or infirm coming in to contact with them that a tubular heater guard must be fitted.

Do you need a guard for your tubular heater?

For all round protection it is advised that a tube heater guard is fitted as they offer good protection against items coming to rest against the heater (for example in a wardrobe) and when used in perhaps boarding kennels or cattery’s they offer excellent protection against damage from the animal and to the animal.

What is the cost to run a Tubular Heater?

Here at Thermo Products, we manufacture our own tubular heaters which provide an output of 60w per foot (unlike many other tubular heaters, which are 40w per foot). For our tubular heaters, we can confirm that our tubular heaters can cost as little as 1/2p per hour, per foot to run. Therefore, one of our 3ft tubular heaters would cost approximately 1.5p per hour. This is obviously dependent on your energy tariff though. 

Can the heaters be linked?

Yes the heaters can easily be linked; you can link up to 4 x 6ft 360 watt heaters from a fused spur. 

If you are mounting them horizontally one above the other, we do supply a linking kit to use. 

What size of heater would I need? 

It is difficult to recommend exactly what size heater you would need as there are so many variables. 

We always suggest using the largest tube you can fit in the wall space; you can always add more if you require more. Our heaters are designed to run most efficiently when left on constantly and turned off when not needed, but you can wire/plug them into a thermostat if you wish.

We have a couple of thermostat options on our websitetube heater accessories and tube heater guards. Our guards for tubular heaters are a must because tubular heaters can become extremely hot. We offer single guards (to cover 1 heater) or double guards (to cover 2 heaters). 

All of our heaters are available in either parchment or white colour, and are manufactured here in the UK and come with a 2-year warranty. 

Do your tubular heaters have built-in thermostats? 

Our Tubular Heaters do not have built-in thermostats. They have an output of 60w per foot and are designed to be left running on constantly (and switched off when not needed). 

However, you can wire/plug them into a thermostat if you wish. We offer a couple of different tube heater accessory options on our website which can be found here. 

What is the IP rating? 

Our tubular heaters are IP54 rated, which means that they are protected from splashes of water and dust ingress. 

Can your tubular heaters be mounted vertically? 

Our tubular heaters are a convective heat source, not radiant. Therefore, the heaters must be mounted horizontally so that the heat is evenly distributed along the element. Please ensure you follow the instructions on the “installation and wiring instructions” supplied with the product. If you have any further questions however, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

What is the output of your tubular heaters? 

Our tubular heaters offer an output of 60w per foot. 

Please see below for the BTU/hr for each of our different tubular heater sizes: 

1ft tubular heater would be approximately 204 BTU/hr  

2ft tubular heater would be approximately 409 BTU/hr. 

3ft tubular heater would be approximately 614 BTU/hr. 

4ft tubular heater would be approximately 819 BTU/hr. 

5ft tubular heater would be approximately 1023 BTU/hr. 

6ft tubular heater would be approximately 1228 BTU/hr.