Tube Heater Accessories

Looking for the best accessories for tube heaters? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at We Are Tubular Heaters, you’ll find a great range of accessories for use with your tubular heater installation. All of our products are tested for reliability so you can be assured that they won’t let you down.

Our Tube Heater Accessories

Here at We Are Tubular Heaters, you’ll find an impressive array of thermostats within our range of tubular heater accessories. The Electronic Plug-in Thermostat with 24 Hour Time Control gives you total control over your tube heater, and the easy to read display makes it easier than ever to see at a glance what your heater is doing.

The selection doesn’t stop there either. The Camplex IP56 Weatherproof Soil & Air Capillary Thermostat is the ideal thermostat for controlling a tube heater in a harsh environment, and the Timeguard electronic room thermostat has a frost protection setting and tamper proof cove for the ultimate control.

Quality Products

All of our products go through the most rigorous testing before we bring them to you. We want you to be able to count on your tube heater accessories, no matter whether you ordered them yesterday or over a year ago. That’s why we’re so strict when it comes to our quality checks – we want you to really be able to get the most from your tube heater, and you’ll need the best accessories to do that. Our products come with a 2 year warranty, giving you total peace of mind.

Start Shopping Today

Our accessories for tubular heaters are made from the most durable, high quality materials. Built to last but also made to look great alongside your tubular heater, they are the perfect add-on purchases for those looking to heat their homes or businesses more efficiently and cheaply than ever before. So why not give us a call today, and we’ll be able to give you all the information that you need to go ahead and purchase one of our products with confidence.

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